The Multi Tool For Survival

When disaster strikes, (did you just break out in a sweat?) you are going to need survival gear to help you get through the crisis. You may already have some gear and be more prepared than most people by having a Bug Out Bag. But have you considered a multi tool to include in your survival gear, and do you know what to look for when buying one?

What exactly is a multi-tool? Well in simple terms it is any tool that has multiple tools integrated into its design. Many people think of the Leatherman multi tool when they think of one. Tim Leatherman introduced his modern version of the multi tool to the world in 1983 and a new market was born. Most companies that followed his example and offered one also followed his design; a set of folding pliers with knife blades, screwdrivers, scissors, etc. folding out of the handle. Today they range in size and specialization from compact multi tools that can fit on your key chain to customizable multi tool  those that are much larger and can hardly fit into a pocket.

As with any tool in the world there are qualities to consider before purchase because all tool makers don’t use the same quality controls, materials, workmanship, or design.

Let’s examine 6 qualities you will want to consider.

1. Durability. The steel and the joints need to be crafted so that the tool lasts.

2. Functionality. With the many different tools available you should make sure that you get one that has the right tools to meet your needs. You can find them made with the fisherman, electrician, camper, hunter, etc. in mind. If you are buying one for a survival situation consider your environment before purchasing.

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